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Books ($5-10)

Red Rock Mantras

Inspired by the majesty and serenity of the Grand Canyon, Sedona, Valley of Fire, Red Rocks Park, Arches, Bryce, Zion, and Red Rock Canyon, this book provides weekly affirmations and intentions for meditation and everyday life to help you find enlightenment and empowerment in nature and in yourself. Ebook $5 Buy now

Yoga for Singers

Yoga for Singers shares how yoga can help to improve singers’ physical and emotional well-being, to assist in their alignment and breathing, to bring freedom and control to their singing, and to manage the anxiety of performing with the most personal of instruments-their voices.PDF $10 Buy now

Songs ($5)

Blonde Coffee 

For soprano and piano, this comedic song celebrates our fascination with caffeine and blondes, including Paltrow, Witherspoon, and Chenoweth. Range: B3-D6 Buy Now

Singer’s Amnesia

For forgetful coloratura soprano and piano, this encore piece pokes fun at every singer’s worst nightmare, with original text superimposed over a montage of Mozart, Gounod, and Wagner. Range: D4-D6 Buy Now

Eyre to Jane

For soprano and piano, this is an homage to the beloved literary figure, Jane Eyre. Range: Bb3-B5 Buy Now

Sky-born Music

For soprano and organ (or piano), this setting of Ralph Waldo Emerson is ideal for a festive occasion. Range: D4-Bb5 Buy Now

Oh Sweetest Song

For soprano or tenor and piano, this setting of Rainer Maria Rilke is a passionate romantic song. Range: B3-A5 Buy Now

To Give You Up

For voice and piano, this song examines a post-breakup realization and recovery. Range: B3-A5 Buy Now

The Divine Image

For high baritone or tenor and organ, this is a setting of the familiar William Blake poem. Range: C3-F4 (optional Ab4 in falsetto)  Buy now


For baritone and piano, this is a setting of John Donne’s mournful love poem. Range: A2-F#4 Buy now

Only We  

For mezzo-soprano, baritone, and piano, this duet was written for the wedding of two friends who are singers. Mezzo range: Ab3-C5; baritone range: Ab2-Eb4 Buy now

I Can’t Hold You

This romantic song is for baritone and 3 celli. Range: G2-F4 Buy now

When with you, asleep

This wide-ranging song for soprano and piano has some soaring high notes. Range: Bb3-Ab5 Buy now


Song Cycles ($10-25)

A Sonnetress Enamored

This song cycle for soprano, violin, and piano follows the course of love for a young poetess. The poetry is in a romantic, courtly style. Range: A3-C6 Buy now

Deep Dreams and Delicacies

For bass-baritone and piano, this cycle explores a complex romantic relationship. Range: G2-F4 Buy Now

Pleas to Famous Fairies

For coloratura soprano and piano, this cycle celebrates famous fairies from Titania to Tinkerbell. B3-Db6 Buy Now

Flags: Summer of 2015

For bass-baritone and piano, this cycle examines events from the summer of 2015, including the legalization of same-sex marriage, the removal of the Confederate flag from the South Carolina capitol, and the murder of 9 African-Americans at a church in Charleston. Range: F2-E4 Buy now

The Landscape of Love

For soprano (or high mezzo) and guitar, this cycle of Rilke poems includes alternative effects for the guitar. Range: Ab3-G5 Buy now

Opera (arias $5, vocal score $25)

State of Grace: No Perfect Yoga Pose

In this aria from the one-act opera State of Grace, Instagram yogini Felicity tries to teach new student Mary that there is no perfect yoga pose. For coloratura soprano and piano, range: B3-D6 (optional E6) Buy now

State of Grace: The Door to the Sanctuary

In this aria from the one-act opera State of Grace, breast cancer survivor Mary realizes her yoga teacher Grace is also battling cancer. She lends her support through the Rumi mantra that Grace has already taught her. For lyric soprano and piano, range: Eb4-Bb5 Buy now

How Clear She Shines!

Narrated by Charlotte Brontë, this one-act semi-opera explores the relationships and writings of the three Brontë sisters, Charlotte (Jane Eyre), Emily (Wuthering Heights) and Anne (Agnes Grey). Buy Now

Libretti ($10-20)

Your True Calling

Composing in the Shadow of Schumann, Mendelssohn, and Mahler is a theatrical work that combines the songs of Clara Schumann, Fanny Mendelssohn and Alma Mahler with a libretto based on their own writings. It highlights the struggles of female composers in the 19th and early 20th century who were discouraged from composing and encouraged to follow their ‘true calling’ as wives and mothers. Buy Now

The Impresario

This updated version of Mozart’s one-act opera is set in Las Vegas, where divas Madonna and Lady Gaga vie for shows on the Strip. Buy Now

The Fairy Queen

Comprised entirely of dialogue extracted from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, this libretto combines Shakespeare with musical excerpts from Purcell’s semi-opera in a format ideal for the smaller forces of a collegiate opera workshop production. Buy Now

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